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The internet is where can be anonymous behind a screen and voice opinions that they may have. But in certain forums and communities you have to be a sheep and agree with certain ideas and opinions. I said an opinion based on stuff I have seen and I never had to deal with people dismissing it based on my user name and the fact that I am white.

Comments that I have heard are down right rude and racist in their own way. "How do you know the black struggle cause you're white and privileged?" Privileged???????? My life has been anything but that. I have lived with a racist father and a bubbled community. If I was privileged, DYFS would have helped me instead of being called 7 times from 4th grade to 10th grade and doing shit. One lady said I deserved it for being a brat.

School was hell. I wear hearing aids so that made things uncomfortable at school. I guess the fact That the teachers made a big deal about it in elementary school continued through out my school career. Band was unbearable. The favorite "joke" was whoever was behind me was to say my name cause I couldn't hear most of the time. It doesn't help that my mental illnesses were undiagnosed.

Being bipolar with borderline personality disorder sucks a hard one. 7 inpatient stays (since I was 20), weight gain, and no steady psychiatrist at my current place isn't helping. I also found out that jobs in Philadelphia can get your mental history through a background check because the county mental health/retardation records aren't sealed.

Don't get me started on the homeless period.

I guess what I'm sating is everyone has problems regardless if your white, black, yellow, indigo, green, etc. So people need to let others have their opinions, especially if they can back it up.

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