Race being an issue in poverty and murder

here's my theory on putting it all on race

1. Like omigoshhh it only happens in the urban hellholes of cities!!!!- False in fact there are plenty of black and white RURAL poverty you never hear about
2. Cause Al Sharpton and Rev. Jackson feel the need to bitch and moan instead of actually doing something to help promote change.
3. Omigoshhhh not enough monies going to the schools- Maybe in some areas but commonly, when i see kids huddled on the street corner and walking around center city during school hours, maybe just maybe, encouraging kids to go.
4. Midset of communities can be hard to break. My hometown is 98% white (look up stafford township nj if you dont believe me) and its taking some getting used to for people to accept that theyre are other races and stuff. But the same can be applied to predominant Black communities.
5. Theres's also the concept of not breaking the cycle. To me, and its my opinion and I'll own it, people are afraid to change the way they live. I also believe, if you hate it so much you can get yourself out of it. Being poor and a minority have the same set backs as being poor and white, but you can get yourself out of it if one is willing to do the work. Hell im poor as shit, -$9, stealing wireless connections, eating a meal a day. Im getting myself out of it.

Race is only an issue when someone makes it an issue.
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proud of myself!

I took action before having a bad reaction!

I pwn!

Proud of my life and the things that I have done
Proud of myself and the loner I’ve become
You’re free to whine, it will not get you far
I do just fine, my car and my guitar, yeah
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